Playlist | April 2018

Howdy, y’all!

It’s hard to believe that we are already more than halfway though the month of April! It seems like we are still stuck in the dead of winter with this horrible, gloomy weather we’ve been having, and I swear, it’s making time go by faster than ever. With not doing much outdoors yet this month, I’ve had plenty of time to listen to my fair share of music. You will see an array of the Arctic Monkeys mixed into this playlist thanks to my excitement about going to see them this summer [!!!], in addition to some new and a plethora of old to get your body movin’ and groovin’.

What are some of the songs you’ve been listening to his month?

Playlist | February 2018

I know what you’re all thinking. *Didn’t she already make a playlist this month?* 

Well, for those of you who pay close enough attention to this blog, yes. Yes I did. But I decided amongst myself that this month’s playlist shouldn’t revolve solely around Valentine’s Day-ish love songs. Some of us like music that makes us want to punch a hole in the wall. Some of us like songs that are popular. And hey, maybe some of us like songs that were popular many years ago but still listen to on a daily basis. I, for one, happen to fall into every single one of these categories, making the simple task of creating a monthly playlist extremely fun each month! It’s a quite simple blog post to create, but it’s one that I actually love doing! Music is one thing that will never go away. We will never run out of songs or artists to dive into, so why not appreciate them each month?! Am I right?

So, yes. I did start off this month’s playlist with Drake’s “God’s Plan.” But really, how could I not after watching this man give away one million dollars in his music video for this song. Good music from a man with a heart of gold – what more could you ask for? With that being said, I will stop gushing over Drake so you can head over and enjoy this month’s selection of songs!

What are some of your favorite songs this month? xoxo.

Playlist | Valentine’s Day

Hooooly cow, there’s a lot of love songs out there. I had the [un-original] idea to make a Valentine’s Day playlist to showcase songs focused on love and positive vibes and happiness as an attempt be sappy and act festive for a whole five minutes. I added and deleted so many songs from this playlist because I couldn’t believe how many songs totally fit this lovey-dovey, Valentine’s day vibe. So whether you’re professing love to your significant other, your dog, or your heart shaped pizza – grab a glass of wine, here’s a playlist for your listening pleasure! xoxo.

Playlist | December 2017

Earlier this month, I posted my all time favorite Christmas playlist for you guys to bop to. But for those of you not really into Christmas music as much as I am, fear not! This month’s [real] playlist is for you!

Sure, there is a slight mix of some Christmas songs that slipped into this playlist, but come on. It is December! Also, can we all take a moment to appreciate the Halsey/G-Eazy duet because I have not stopped listening to it once since it came out, so naturally, it is the first song on this list! And thanks to my recent [today] purchase of tickets to the Macklemore/Kesha tour, they snuck their way onto this list too.

What are some songs you can’t get enough of this month?! xoxo.

Rockin’ around the Christmas tree. . literally | Holiday 2017

Let’s be real here, I have been playing Christmas music for quite some time now. I’d be lying straight to your face if I said that I wasn’t listening to the Glee Christmas album on repeat over and over and over again throughout my ride to work.

Keeping this in mind, it only makes sense to craft, in my opinion, the most perfect holiday playlist. With a mix of some classics, some can’t live withouts, and some new favorites, I have dipped into everything making for a jolly good time. So, buckle up, grab your egg nog, and listen by your Christmas tree or while wrapping presents.

What are some songs you can’t live without during the Christmas season?


June playlist.

buffalo music

Ok, ok. I will admit right at the beginning of this post that this is a very strange mix of old and new. However, the songs on this playlist are what is included on my daily jam sesh every time I get into the car.

Of course, there are more songs that could probably be added to this list *ahem the entire Harry Styles album* but, I decided to be modest at best and give you a little taste into my ideal music world this month.

Rock out. Enjoy. Jam. Whatever you feel. xoxo.