‘Tis the season for football.

This past weekend was spent in Akron visiting my brother and going to my first football game of the season. This was the first time seeing my brother since he moved in a month ago, and we surprised him by bringing along his girlfriend for her first visit of his new “home.”

Before the game, we tailgated, naturally bringing way too much food for our own good. Pulled pork, chili, fruits, veggies, dips, desserts, and beverages – enough for a small army. During the tailgate, we met the President of the university and got some free swag to boot.


The football team at the University of Akron, not so great. The stadium, beautiful. The band, wonderful. The fact they sold Papa John’s pizza? Made my boyfriend’s day.


Sunday brought about exploration of the city of Akron. Having the university plopped right in the middle of the city made this extremely accessible. We visited Lock 3, aka the spot Lebron James’ celebration party after the Cavs championship, as well as his high school! We were able to walk alongside the Erie Canal, making it a legitimate realization that Akron really isn’t that far from home!

Overall, the experience was great. [Although, we all sweated our little butts off, as it was 85 degrees – happy September!] Looking forward to family weekend in a few more weeks! xoxo.