So, I did a thing

“If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever.”- Alfred Lord Tennyson

Last Tuesday, I got my fifth tattoo. This one is something I had been pondering for quite some time, and after years of contemplation and waiting, I stopped enjoying my morning coffee on Elmwood Avenue and walked across the street to my tattoo shop. Each flower on the back of my arm represents the birth flower of my mother, my father, my brother, and myself, and are all intertwined together to make an unbreakable wreath.

Did I ever think I would get a tattoo on my arm? Other than the miniscule semi-colon tattoo that I have on my outer right wrist, no I really didn’t think I would ever be the one to do this. But the placement felt so right – when you know, you know, right?

Cheers to family. It’s forever. xoxo.

To anyone in the Buffalo, New York area: I would 100% recommend Hand of Doom tattoo parlor on Elmwood Avenue in the city of Buffalo!

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