August 2018 | An overview

August. What a whirlwind.

I feel like I spent the entirety of this month sweating my ass off. Both literally and figuratively. Between the record high temperatures, being insanely busy, work being overwhelming, traveling, and just dealing with the day to day changes that come along with life, I feel as if there has been a thin film of sweat residue on me at all times.

August, the last few years, has always become the month of changes. Summer comes to an end, school begins, people move, goodbyes have to be said. This August was no different.

One unexpected goodbye was to my high school. I wrote previously on the blog about my alma mater closing, but this month brought together a “celebration” to say our final goodbyes. I was able to reconnect with so many of my friends and enjoy a great night out, reliving some of our stupidest and craziest memories.

Another goodbye came from a final family dinner that was had before my brother and my cousin moved back to Ohio for college. This has become an annual thing, which I really do appreciate, because now that we’re all older, it’s gotten harder and harder to organize a time where everyone can get together at the same time, in the same place. Plus, what could be better than sharing some laughs while eating a great meal at Russell’s Steaks, Chops, & More?

Enough of the semi-sad crap, am I right? The end of the month has provided me with some of the greatest moments of my twenty-five years of life, thus far. Birthday parties, spending time with friends, celebrating national guinea pig day, my guinea pig’s picture being hung on the wall of his vet’s office [yes, that is real]. These are some of the high points.

My two-week summer break from work began with me driving to Cleveland with my family as soon as I clocked out, as we had a flight to Las Vegas to catch the following morning!

Spending six days on the west coast was everything I could have ever dreamt of and more. In fact, after this post publishes, you will hear more about my vacation in detail, as I have some pretty exciting posts written about my experience. Without spoiling too much, Las Vegas was a sense of breathtaking that I didn’t really know existed. I expected the oversized, overhyped, over the top feel of Vegas to leave me with a sense of super-corny feeling, but I was so incorrect. Was everything over the top? Yes. But it was over the top done right. The buildings were beautiful, the meals were great, the casinos were loud, the streets were packed, but I wouldn’t change a thing. Another highlight of my west coast trip? Visiting the Grand Canyon. This is something that I have wanted to do for my entire life, so being able to actually make this dream into a reality was so overwhelming and something that I still haven’t really been able to get over.

We had a flight home on Wednesday, followed by a drive back from Cleveland to Buffalo only to have a fast 24-hours in-between before having to get back into the car and drive back to Ohio to move my brother into college for his sophomore year. The thoughts of getting back into the car to drive back to essentially the same place we just were 24-hours prior was enough to make me go crazy, but I wouldn’t want to spend the weekend any other way than to be in Akron with my family.

What was great about this summer break was after ten days of nonstop travel and go-go-go, I came home to have another nine days off from work to just relax and do my own thing. This past week has brought me to coffee shops, lunch with my grandmas, walking around the zoo, spending time with friends, and even getting my fifth tattoo.

I don’t think any of us are ever really ready to say goodbye to summer, myself included. But going back to what I previously said at the beginning of this post, the sweat this month has been real – thanks Las Vegas temperatures – and I am looking ahead to fall.

What are some memorable things you did this month? xoxo.

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