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One year ago, my boyfriend and I adopted a guinea pig. To a common person, this would not be a big day because, hey, it’s only a guinea pig right? Wrong.

I had wanted a guinea pig since I was about 14 years old, but my house was never too “animal-friendly,” so it turned into something to look forward to in the future. College came and with it brought two hamsters, one that lived over three years, the other that lived under three months.

Flashback to 365 days ago, the apartment freshly moved into, my boyfriend woke up and decided there was no better day than that day – he ok’d me adopting a guinea pig. Again, to a common person, going to a pet store and adopting a guinea pig seemed as if it would be a 5-minute task, right? Wrong. I KID YOU NOT every single pet store in Western New York did not have guinea pigs available to adopt. After miss number five, we decided to be rational and call different pet stores instead of driving around like lunatics, to find that the only pet store that had one was in Niagara Falls. There we went on our merry way!

They had three guinea pigs to choose from, but Kenneth [more to come on this name choice in a second] stuck out the most and we decided to give him a forever home. Guinea pig, cage, food, hay, and accessories in tow, we made our way back to Buffalo.

We decided on the name Kenneth after watching the series 30 Rock, where one of the main characters, an NBC page, was named Kenneth Parcell. Night after night, we would watch this show and kid that this actor looked like a guinea pig, so we found it fitting to name our little lump Kenneth. Also fitting because our obsession with 30 Rock was through the roof. Another quirk about Kenneth [the guinea pig]? He is actually a girl.

This last year has resulted in many pictures, trips to the store for lettuce, the building of an Instagram fandom *follow @kenneth.the.guinea.pig* and many, many more happy memories. With that being said, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENNETH! We are trying to get you to break the world record, so we have many more birthdays to come.


Am I lame for writing a blog post about a guinea pig? Yes. Do I care? Nope. xoxo.

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