Welcome back?!

HOOOOOLLY COW GUYS. The last two weeks have been filled with so many activities that I actually took the chance on this day off to sleep until 10am, and I feel like a completely new person.

Here’s a rundown of all that has occurred since the last time I posted on here [oops]..

  • Brother’s high school graduation
  • Brother’s senior class mass
  • Brother’s college orientation
  • Brother’s girlfriend’s graduation
  • Brother’s graduation party
  • Two weddings in Toronto

All of this was done in addition to the normal/usual work, gym, eat, sleep, repeat schedule.

My brother’s graduation party was officially the end of all senior year activities/craziness. The entire month of May was dedicated to a different activity every night – no joke, literally every single night I had something going on. Today, aka Memorial Day, is my first day off with absolutely nothing to do in Lord knows how long. I’m still trying to gather myself and organize my life in a way in which I can function normally and stress free and find a routine that I can get myself into until summer classes start up in a month. Tomorrow marks 15 school days left with my kids until I get a new set for the upcoming year, which will start up an entire new dynamic/schedule/routine, etc.

I’ll dive into specifics of this weekend’s wedding once I get myself unpacked and pictures uploaded – it was definitely a memorable weekend!

With that being said, I hope everyone is enjoying their day off [if you have one] and are remembering the true reason behind why Memorial Day is so significant to our history. xoxo.


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