Spring recess, feat. the snow.


First of all, the feeling I had when I woke up this morning having to scrape snow off of my car and wear boots and a winter jacket to work cannot be put into words. I wondered to myself how this was possible considering it was April 7th, but then I remembered, I do live in Buffalo, where we experience 4 seasons in 3 hours.

Once the clock struck 5:30pm today, I was officially on spring break from work and from school. You read that right….12 days of absolutely nothing but a few projects and homework assignments. No alarms. No need for makeup. No need to even get out of bed. To say I am excited is a complete understatement.

This week was somewhat the week from hell. This week of work brought a few bites and punches, tons of paperwork, and many temper tantrums. This week of school brought so much homework and so many large assignments. This week of life brought many headaches and extreme fatigue.

Today was a great day [minus the snow]. We did so many fun springtime/Easter activities and crafts, everyone was happy, and it flew by solely for the fact that I could not wait for this break to come. Plus, tonight I got to eat pizza, so how could today not be great?! xoxo.

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