3 out of 12, done!


I feel like I start these monthly-recap posts off by always wondering the same thing…where the heck did that month go?! Today begins month 4 of 2017, and I am wondering, how?

This month, I completely slacked in terms of blogging. My personal life was a constant whirlwind between going to Long Island, starting a new job 45 mins after arriving home, going through mid terms and insanely huge school projects, and somehow finding time to breathe in the midst of all else that went on. I have been so busy that I haven’t even had 30 minutes to find time to spend with my best friend. It is insanely sad. And honestly, I didn’t feel very inspired and often lacked any creative topics to blog about, so I tended to push this priority aside. As for April, I promise to be better now that I have made my way into a new routine. [You all are my witnesses, here].

Some of March’s iconic worldwide events included [but are not limited to]:

  • The record-breaking celebration of International Women’s Day.
  • The celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.
  • The removal of South Korea’s President as per the Constitutional Court.
  • The beginning of the celebration of Lent.
  • The long awaited launch of Space X.
  • The death of Chuck Berry.
  • The madness that is the NCAA Division I Mens and Women’s Basketball Tournaments.

In regards to my personal life, this month I:

  • Traveled to Long Island to conclude my brother’s final-ever weekend of hockey, watching his team pull off an impressive tournament and championship win for the NYSAAU High School Championships.
  • Began training, passed certifications, and began my new job.
  • Fell in love with my new job.
  • Experienced a blizzard in the middle of March, followed by days of 50 and 60 degree weather.
  • Cut off all of my hair.
  • Watched my brother commit to the college of his choice.
  • Attended multiple banquets with my family, celebrating many accomplishments.

Thanks for the memories, March. Here’s to April! xoxo.



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