Safe travels.


Yesterday, I spent my entire day driving from Buffalo to Long Island, New York.

It was not horrendous by any means. After a couple pit stops along the way, it seemed like I got to the New York City area in no time. I hit zero traffic until I got to the George Washington Bridge entrance. At that point, I was about 30ish miles from my destination, and of course, the exact second traffic hit is when I could not stand being in the car any longer. Those were truly the longest 30 miles of my life and I never thought I would make it to the hotel.

When I finally pulled into the destination, I could not wait to do so much as stand up. Once I got into the room, I basically collapsed on the bed for a solid 20 minutes before unpacking and settling for the night. But, I am here, well-rested and ready for today. xoxo.



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