Is good really great?


This week for my one class, our major discussion had to do with why agencies or companies, or people don’t always make the transition from good to great. We had to read a book by Jim Collins ever-so-simply named Good to Great: Why Some Companies Take the Leap…and Others Don’t. 

The first few chapters of this book, I could not be any more bored than I was reading this book. It was basically written from a marketing standpoint for big business or any corporation in general, and marketing is not by background, or anything I am even really  interested in for that matter. But as I continued reading, it began to make sense as to why we had to read it for this “Community Interrelationships” course, and it really got me thinking – why don’t we always strive to be better? Why do we settle for what we have?

I mean, most obviously, it is easy. If you like your job, your relationship, your friendships, your neighborhood, etc., why would you change it? Sure it’s not a $7.2 million dollar mansion, but it’s a nice house and you get by. It only makes sense that we don’t want to change because as the saying goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But why?

I am just as guilty of this myself as the next person is. The bills are getting paid, the education is almost complete, the neighborhood is perfect, but why am I okay with all this staying the same? There are times that I think I am pushing myself for more success, but am I really? Honestly, probably not.

How much have we actually changed when we said we would?

One thing I learned from this is that you should never be satisfied. You should always be hungry for more. You should want to do more, learn more, see more, know more. And on the flip side, you should push others do want to do the same. Be your own motivator while motivating others, and everyone will win.

We only have one shot at this crazy thing called life. Because of that, we may as well be the best version of ourselves that we can be.  xoxo.


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