Syllabus week?!

Here we go. Time for a new semester.

While it is dreadful getting back to the craziness that is mid-semester life, one thing most college kids look forward to is ahead of us – syllabus week. I’ve never really ever had an easy syllabus week, so I’m not sure where this semi-superficial stigma of the easiest week of the semester comes from, but we’ll go with it.

Here’s some things that are sure go to through that lil noggin’ of yours this week.

  1. Why is my alarm so loud?
  2. Is it really this early?
  3. How does anyone function at this time?
  4. God, this is the longest drive ever.
  5. How is break already over?
  6. I wish I was home.
  7. Do I really even need to go to this class?
  8. *first thing you check on the syllabus – the attendance policy*
  9. Why is it so cold?
  10. Why do you have to sit right next to me?
  11. Whoever invented icebreakers can rot in hell.
  12. How is paying $260 for a textbook logical?
  13. I mean really, it is only a giant stack of papers.
  14. This is the longest class of my life.
  15. Great, we still have 37 minutes left.
  16. Good God, I am so hungry.
  17. I have actually never been this hungry.
  18. I have no idea what is going on in this class.
  19. Yes, no tests!
  20. But theres 78 papers due, makes sense.
  21. Why do people ask 8,000 questions?
  22. Can’t we just go home?
  23. If I push this slow walker away from me, will he move faster?
  24. 56 slides on Chapter 1?! On syllabus day?!
  25. I wish I bought the XL coffee.
  26. How is it only Monday?!
  27. Is it May yet?
  28. Oh hey, theres my friends!
  29. Yes, we have class together!
  30. I love this school.