Relaxing..fact or fiction? 

After a long day [or days] of work, one thing that everyone likes to do is enjoy some leisure or relaxation time. Time to yourself enjoying things that you want to do for fun. Lately, I feel like my relaxation or leisure time has been few and far between. There is one thing I’ve noticed though that makes me wonder if this time is even considered relaxation at all. 

When I am enjoying come down time, I am not really “down.” My mind is constantly racing. Constantly thinking about things I still have to do that day, week, or month. Constantly thinking about things that happened that day. What I could have done better vs. what I was proud of. What I’m going to have for dinner. Where I am going to get coffee in the morning. It really never ends. My mind is constantly racing, thinking about absolutely everything. 

I have tried so many ways to go about everything to clear my mind, but I can never seem to get it to stop. Usually total relaxation comes when I am so burnt out that my body tells me I need to shut off, and I end up passing out and taking a nap. While this time spent is worry free, I wake up and not even 0.4 seconds later, my mind is nonstop again. 

If you have any insights on ways to relax or simply shut off a constantly running mind, hit your girl up and let me know. I love learning new things and welcome everyone’s opinions and experiences with open arms. xoxo.