Six years ago, I was about to graduate high school and was dancing the night away at my senior prom. Last night, I had my daily dose of deja-vu when I was back at my alma mater’s senior prom – same place, same time. The only difference was that this time, I was on the other side of the camera.

Before we get into the body of this post, can we appreciate 1) how freaking beautiful this girl is, and 2) how adorable they are as a couple?! [Fun fact: They’ve been dating for 2.5 years, but they graduated pre-k together *cries*].


Yesterday was prom 2 of 2 for my brother and his girlfriend. She attends the high school I went to, so it was somewhat strange being back, seeing a handful of my old teachers, all of whom asked me if I missed all this senior-year-hoopla. My answer? To be quite honest, I don’t really miss it that much at all.

Soon, my brother and his girlfriend will graduate. They will be off to college. Their lives will never be the same. Yes it’s scary, but it’s also so many other things. It is new. It is fresh. It is exciting. Yes, these final moments of high school are the last you will ever have. Yes, you will miss it. But years later, you will grow up and look back and see  how far you’ve come.

Maybe it will be six years later at your siblings senior prom. Maybe it will be twenty years later at your child’s senior prom. You will stand there on the other side of the camera and you will appreciate how far you’ve made it, and be excited for those on the other side about to start this new journey. xoxo.

Another item checked off the list.

Tonight, my brother is at his senior prom. Also tonight, life is getting more real.

I remember my prom like it was all of two weeks ago. Reality check, it’s been 6 years. My brother seemed so small and young at my prom, and all of a sudden, I blinked, and today is his prom day. Like, what?! And here I am, wondering why. Why life moves so fast while also simultaneously wondering how to slow it down.


I didn’t necessarily love prom, but I didn’t hate it either. It’s just something that happens when you’re a senior [or junior for some schools, too] in high school. Potentially, it’s one of the last times you will be in the exact same room with all of your friends at the exact same time. My brother is one of the ones going states away for college, whereas I was not. So chances are, for him, this might be a bigger deal than it was for me. He is starting a brand new life from scratch, whereas mine re-started while also somewhat remaining the same.

So, to my baby bro: Enjoy prom. Live in the moment. Life moves on and changes so fast, that it will be here and gone in what seems like the blink of an eye. And suddenly, it is 6 years later and you are wondering how you ever got to be so old. xoxo.