6 out of 12, done! [4 days late…oops!]


Well, folks, we made it. We are halfway through 2017. Who would’ve thought?!

I feel like June for everyone tends to be a crazy month between the last days of school, graduations, summer starting, parties, nicer weather, etc. etc. For me, June didn’t even seem like it happened. I erased my dry-erase calendar and changed it from June to July and I was flabbergasted as to how we just made it through another month. But, hey, we did!

Looking back, in regards to my personal life, June brought:

  • Endless [and I mean, endless] amounts of graduation parties
  • Celebrating Father’s Day with my family
  • The end of the school year for my students
  • Receiving my new class list and re-decorating my classroom
  • Beginning of summer camp
  • A day-trip to Erie, PA to go to an indoor water park and restaurants that you cannot find here in WNY
  • The beginning of my summer class
  • Babysitting
  • My guinea pig’s first birthday [yes, we celebrated!]

I hope July brings bottomless margaritas, endless fireworks, and sandy bums to all my diehard readers. xoxo.

Oh, and happy birthday, America! You rock!


June playlist.

buffalo music

Ok, ok. I will admit right at the beginning of this post that this is a very strange mix of old and new. However, the songs on this playlist are what is included on my daily jam sesh every time I get into the car.

Of course, there are more songs that could probably be added to this list *ahem the entire Harry Styles album* but, I decided to be modest at best and give you a little taste into my ideal music world this month.

Rock out. Enjoy. Jam. Whatever you feel. xoxo.

5 of 12, done!


The month of May was filled with such an over-abundance of activities that I literally do not know where the last 31 days went. It actually took until the last week of May for me to have a second to myself to breathe and re-evaluate all that took place prior to that moment. Here is a rundown of all that I experienced within this 5th month of 2017:

  • My brother’s 18th birthday / party
  • The dreaded finals week
  • The end of the spring semester (and getting a 4.0!!)
  • Mother’s Day
  • My brother’s last day of high school
  • My brother’s prom
  • My brother’s girlfriend’s prom
  • My brother’s senior mass
  • My brother’s final Varsity Singers concert
  • My brother’s high school graduation
  • Dancing in a 40th anniversary dance recital
  • My brother’s girlfriend’s graduation
  • My brother’s college orientation
  • My brother’s graduation party
  • Two weddings over Memorial Day weekend in Toronto
  • The 1975 concert
  • Work, work, work, work, work *in true Rihanna fashion*

To say I am, for the most part, exponentially exhausted is an understatement. My boyfriend keeps joking that June will be the month of making no plans – that he is just going to go with the flow and do whatever he wants. I’m starting to think that maybe this “joke” is a good idea to take part in, because I definitely could use a little break.

My short-term goal for the month of June is to start drafting blog posts every evening after work and posting them on my lunch break the following day to get into more of a routine. I’ve fallen off the track of keeping up to my New Year’s Resolution, and I am making it my mission to fulfill it!

How did your month of May go?! Here’s looking forward to June! xoxo.