One chapter closes.

Guys, I know I have been talking about it for what seems like forever now, but the day has officially arrived [and finished as of 3pm today]…..I never have to work at the mall ever again.

It was somewhat bittersweet leaving a job that I have been at most of my young-adult life, but more than anything, I was am so beyond excited to leave this experience behind. I know there are so many great things ahead of me and I have never felt more ready than I am now to start on this journey.

I walked into work this morning to a plethora of Panera Bread catering [*swoons*], presents, and cards and the first thing I thought of was, foooooood. Some of my favorite customers came in today. And I made it through a shift without a customer nonchalantly yelling at me over a coupon or telling me I do not know my company’s corporate policies *rolls eyes* which made today pretty great.

new job.jpg

I have worked with such a solid core these last 4 years – my management team welcomed me with open arms and my employees, although some came and went, have all become like family to me.

I now have the next 5 days off to go to Long Island, and I start my new job on Monday! So, cheers to me and having some time to finally maybe relax and focus on my school and on myself. Major pat on the back to myself, but hey, I think I deserve it. xoxo.

What I’ve learned working retail..

..[for 4+ years] is that while it seems like the easiest job in the world, it is also extremely frustrating at times. I wouldn’t change the experience I’ve had and the opportunities I’ve been given – working as an employee, being promoted to management, and making connections with many people from all over the world over the last 1,460+ days.


Here’s some things I’ve learned [and some things I definitely won’t miss]:

  1. If you can refrain from being rude, do it. It won’t get you anywhere. Both as a customer or an employee.
  2. The schedule can suck. Holidays, nights, and weekends are almost always spent at work while your family and friends are galavanting around on multiple adventures and posting pictures of themselves having a great time.
  3. “The customer is always right” is not always true. But even if the customer isn’t right, its all about how you handle the situation at hand. Smile and wave boys, smile and wave.
  4. You won’t know all the prices off the top of your head. Not the ticket price. Not the price after percentages off. Not the price after tax.
  5. But, you will learn about the different sales taxes depending on certain areas in the country.
  6. You will suddenly know all about parenting when there is an unsupervised child running wild all over your store.
  7. You pick up some really good skills like how to succeed at small talk, how to use a computer, how to efficiently organize the littlest things, and how to fold clothes to perfection.
  8. Canadians don’t use pennies anymore. If you had a penny every time a Canadian customer forked over 8,000 pennies to pay for their transaction while saying this, you would be a millionaire.
  9. When a customer says they will “never shop here again,” 100% of the time, they come back. Don’t take it to heart.
  10. Working retail is a great opportunity for personal growth. Don’t treat it as a joke, you might need a good reference letter one day!


Welcome to the real world!


Today was a big day solely for the fact that this afternoon, I had my first interview for a job in my field of study. It went well and I am proud of how it went, but I am overwhelmingly happy that it is finally over. The first-time-don’t-know-what-to-expect jitters are gone and I feel like I can finally breathe again.

Here’s some tips for all you peeps out there beginning to enter into the real world post-graduation:

  1. It’s more than okay to be nervous.
  2. Plan the route to your destination ahead of time, and give yourself at least 15 minutes leeway to account for traffic or other unexpected traffic scenarios.
  3. Make sure you have all of the necessary paperwork they want to look over – drivers license, social security card, official transcript, certifications, etc. It is better to bring too many things than not enough!
  4. Dress to impress. Even if the attire for said-job is more casual, it’s better to be overdressed than under!
  5. Show up at least 15 minutes early. You do not want to be late, but also want to prove that you’re ready and excited to be there!
  6. Smile, stand up, shake hands, sit down.
  7. Don’t cut yourself short! When the interviewer asks you to describe yourself, your talents, your aspirations, your qualifications, don’t undershoot. Preach it to the choir that you are awesome and deserve this job!
  8. Relax. Breathe. It will all be over before you know it!

Now, all that’s left to do is sit and wait for the call telling me if I got the job or not, and to prepare myself for [possible] other interviews to come! xoxo.