The Great One | NOTL

The first major stop on our trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario was to the Wayne Gretzky Estates. Way back when we planned this trip, this was something I knew we had to do. My boyfriend loves whiskey and I love wine, and heck, we both love hockey so what more could we ever ask for?


*SPOILER ALERT* Not only is Mr. Gretzky great at hockey, but he makes a mean adult beverage!

The estate itself was so breathtakingly beautiful. It had a modern, yet rustic feel. The architecture was beautiful and the staff were friendly. On one side of the estate was the distillery and on the other was the winery. Also on site are two restaurants and a water feature that doubles as an ice rink come winter.


We spent most of our visit on the distillery end. Inside there was a massive bar, clad with two bartenders ready to answer any questions or take any orders. What I most enjoyed about the distillery came right at the bar itself – they offered a flight of 3 samples for $10. You could choose from red cask whiskey, ice cask whiskey, 99 proof whiskey, cream whiskey [new item!], artisanal vidal, artisanal muscat, and artisanal rose [new item!].


For our flight, we chose the red cask whiskey, the cream whiskey, and the artisanal rose. We didn’t regret our choices, because we ended up buying bottles of the red cask and the cream whiskeys to take home with us! And as an added perk, because you paid for the flight at the bar, they take $7 off at the cashwrap when you buy bottles to bring home!


While we did not do a guided tour of the facility, it is something that we are definitely looking forward to doing in the future! xoxo.