Bedroom diaries | New home

I’ve heard from many people, both in real life and via the web, that they want to see more to our home than the kitchen. Well, people, this post is for you!

Thanks to summer break, time was finally found to finish up some little odds and ends around the house, mainly finishing up the bedroom for good! We’ve been waiting since our trip to IKEA to hang our Mosslanda on our bedroom wall and, after some debate on placement and a trip to the hardware store to pick up some screws, it is up! I kid you not, the addition of one $10 shelf has made a world of difference in terms of coziness – it finally feels like home!

Our bedside table is nothing more than a two-cube organizer, decorated with a gray and white stripe fabric drawer, a silver lamp from the clearance section, a succulent, and a candle to match our bedding. If you had to take one guess as to where all these items were from, where would you think? Spoiler alert – if you guessed Target you would be insanely correct. Your prize? Bragging rights.

previously wrote about our bedding set way back in the spring when I completed a huge chunk of my apartment shopping. We picked it up at Bed Bath and Beyond, kind of on a whim, and unable to pass up an amazing deal. To have looked at the bedding in its’ packaging for so long and to now finally see it all come together is extremely satisfying. The addition of a fuzzy, gray, oversized blanket from Target and some white, fuzzy pillows from Home Goods made our bed desirable to crawl into at the end of each day.

As far as the previously mentioned Mosslanda shelf from IKEA? It has to be my favorite piece in our bedroom, no thinking necessary. The shelf itself was a purchase that we didn’t intend to make, but I am glad we did! We saw it as we were headed toward the checkout, finishing up our shopping trip and I am happy that my boyfriend let me throw just one more thing in the cart!

As far as the decorations go, I love the way they came together! All that’s needed is a trip to Walgreens to print some pictures to add to the two frames and it will be completely done! The white and metal sign to the left, as well as the turquoise photo frame, and the lilac planter were all picked up at Kohl’s during one of their sales. The photo frame with the coordinates of the city of Buffalo was picked up at Bon Ton when shopping their going out of business sale – only making sense that we purchased it because for one, it was cheap, and for two, it’s where we met! The “let’s stay home” sign was a pick up from Hobby Lobby, and is probably my favorite item on the shelf, hands down! And the little white candle? Target clearance for less than $2! Moral to the story? Decorating on a budget is easy – you just need to take the time to look!

At the end of our bed is home to my Malm 6-drawer dresser from IKEA. It is not only the home to all my clothes, but houses some of the cutest bedroom décor! The Rae Dunn jewelry dish and planter are both from TJ Maxx [one of which was a gift that I love], as well as the artificial plant. The “home” sign was a pickup from Kirklands a few years ago that has uprooted itself and found its’ new home in our bedroom. The arrow jewelry stand I’ve had for probably six or seven years now and it something that I can’t find myself to get rid of. It’s the best for organizing necklaces and earrings and isn’t too clunky or overbearing to the eye! The marble/wood jewelry box was a clearance pickup from Target to house my oversized Alex and Ani collection that I just couldn’t say no to. What caught me the most off-guard in terms of bedroom décor is my black mirror/shelf. All along, I had my mind set on getting a circular mirror to go atop my dresser in the bedroom, but when I saw is black-metal square mirror at Target, I immediately called my boyfriend to ensure I wasn’t going insane and that I actually did like it. The more and more I look at it, the more I fall in love – sometimes you find the best things where you least expect it!

It is so relieving to have another room in the house completely done, even though it’s taken much longer than i would have liked it to. But, the satisfaction that comes when things are finally complete is one unlike any other – it just takes time and a ton of patience – and a lot of shopping trips browsing through clearance! xoxo.

Décor inspiration | New home

In a world of social media, it’s almost impossible not to get inspiration from others on the web. Typically, we go for fashion or beauty inspo when it comes to social media sites like Instagram or Pinterest. However, with a new home now being in my life, I’ve turned to these social media sites for inspiration for home décor! My parents and my grandparents always tell me that I seem to have an eye for color or home décor in general, so I always seem to find myself picking out paint swatches, rugs, or wall hangings for every member of my family. This is great and all, but not everyone always has the same taste as me, so having the ability to act on my own style and buy things that I actually like for my own home is exhilarating!

So, back to the basic idea of this post – décor inspiration. While we all know Pinterest is my number one, go to, ride or die social media outlet, I have found myself turning to another site – Instagram – to get some ideas and spark some brain waves when it comes to styling our new place! I have always gravitated toward rustic over modern, and the new phenomenon of modern farmhouse style sums up everything I love and then some. I mean, come on. Who doesn’t want to be Joanna Gaines?

For those of you who have an interest in my style, my inspiration, or what goes on in my mind every time I am surfing the web for a million new things that I love [but don’t necessarily need], look no further. The remainder of this post will highlight my newest fascination with Instagram and the accounts that I am currently obsessed with.

Magnolia | @magnolia | 2.9M Followers

The Stella Blue Gallery | @thestellabluegallery | 114K Followers

Carissa | @bless_this_nest | 38.5K Followers

Elizabeth James Interiors | @elizabethjamesinteriors | 1201 Followers

Graced Designs | @graceddesigns | 22K Followers

Kimberlee | @coloradohousetohome | 1462 Followers

Taylor | | 1403 Followers

What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts to follow for inspiration? xoxo.


How early is too early? | Holiday 2017

I love Christmas. 

If you have ever seen the movie, Elf.. Buddy the elf is basically me. I have no shame in admitting this.

There is a long-standing debate in what seems to be throughout the world as to how early is too early to put up holiday decorations [in my case, Christmas]. I feel like previously being in retail management for six years has tampered with my thoughts as to what is an acceptable time versus what is not. Heck, we started changing floor sets and window displays the week before Halloween! So, in my defense, it only seems natural that I am already in full Christmas mode and I am ready to explode. It is like a switch turned on in my body the second the clock hit November 1st and I cannot be contained.


While I have not put up a Christmas tree, I did go as far as to put just about everything else up throughout the apartment – signs, figurines, pillows, blankets, candles, hanging decorations, and so forth. Adding more fuel to the fire, I cannot stop buying Christmas decor. It would be best for everyone if we all just worked together as a team and guided my body away from the Target or JoAnn Fabrics entrances, because I have a [semi] serious problem.

So, with that being said, how early is too early? I am ready and willing to listen to what all of you have to say. Help me out here, am I really as crazy as I make myself seem? xoxo.