~ gettin’ spooky ~ | Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, guys!

This year, I had the pleasure of dressing up not once, but twice to celebrate this spooky little holiday.

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I had two Halloween parties to attend; one on Friday night and one on Saturday night. Last year we rang in the holiday as Superman and Lois Lane, so we knew we had to do another couples costume this year. After some debate over ideas and potential costs, we dressed up as everyone’s favorite couple [well, ours at least!] – Bob and Linda Belcher from Bob’s Burgers!

The entire look cost me a whopping $12! Due to every human being ever owning jeans and a red shirt of some sort, all I needed was the white bistro apron and the glasses [which clearly didn’t make it on my face for this picture *sigh*] and taaadaa! Thanks to Amazon, we had a costume!

Costuming round two came today at work. My classroom dressed up as our great pals from Koo Koo Kangaroo, the GoNoodle sensations! [Teacher friends, unite!]

It’s hard to believe Halloween has come and gone, but now to prepare to my favorite holiday…Thanksgiving!

Time to pass out some candy [aka eat everything in sight] and enjoy the remainder of this treat-filled day. xoxo.