Unless you live under a rock, you have to know what catfishing is. I, like I am sure most people, get sucked into the madness that is Catfish, the TV show on MTV. Just this morning, as a matter of fact, I have been sitting here watching this show for hours.

I don’t know if it is because I am semi-old or because I have a little pinch of common sense, but I really just don’t get this entire thing at all.

Firstly, I don’t know why anyone would become friends online with a stranger that they have never met that lives states or countries away. Secondly, I don’t know how you can whole heartedly trust someone that you have never met face to face. Thirdly, I don’t know how you can keep trusting people or be in a relationship with them for years on end without getting so much as a phone call or a video chat. Our society has fabricated this entire phenomenon to the point that it is more common than not, and I am left wondering…why?

I, for one, would be absolutely terrified to open up to someone that I do not know. But these people on this show, just this morning alone, have been in relationships, sent money, expressed true feelings of love to a stranger. Heck, the one girl found out the guy she was talking to was a fugitive on the run who escaped to an island off the coast of Alaska and she was sending him hundreds of thousands of dollars! Normal, right?

On the flip side, I am wondering what makes someone wake up one morning and decide to make a fake profile, meet people online, use them for years, and feel no remorse whatsoever. Or even if their feelings are real, how they continue to lie and carry on about a life they do not have or a person they are not.

It’s one of those shows that I cannot turn away from once it is on because I just don’t understand it at all. I am left wondering how and why people are so naive. It honestly makes me afraid for my future children to someday be plopped into this world because if we have to worry about this stuff now, in 2017, what will we have to worry about in the next few years? Lord only knows. xoxo.