Where the wild things are.

Today, I finally welcomed spring into my life. After a 70+ degree day yesterday, I was ready to venture out on one of these days off and enjoy the weather. I decided to have a little family day, and after pondering what we could do in this new-found glorious weather, we came up with family day at the Buffalo Zoo. My mom had taken today off from work, and my brother was already off for spring break, so today seemed like the perfect day!

The Buffalo Zoo is located right in the heart of North Buffalo. Within the last couple years, the zoo has gone through some major renovations that I had yet to see, so I was super stoked to finally go. It was nice enough outside to park for free in Delaware Park and walk to the main entrance, so that is exactly what we did. Zoo admission costs $12, and for the little more than two-ish hours that I spent there today, I would say it is totally worth it.

I [finally] got to see the new Arctic Edge exhibit for the polar bears, followed by a lion roaring, a giraffe drinking his own urine, a sea lion play with a spoon, and a rhino pass gas. Most of these things seem gross, but when you are with your brother who is 17 years old, all of this is hilarious, thus making me laugh, and making for a good day.


My favorite part has been the Rainforest exhibit, ever since it has opened its doors. To me, it is so unique and there is always so much to look at.

The last time my brother was at the zoo was for his 8th grade end of the year field trip [he is now a senior in high school, to put that in perspective for you], and my mom hadn’t been there since we were both really little, so overall everyone was really pleased with how much the zoo has improved over the years.

Overall, my recommendation of the zoo is 10/10. If you ever come across a nice day where you don’t know what to do, pack yourself up and head to the zoo. There’s always something new to see. xoxo.