Life changes like the seasons

I was scrolling through Facebook the other day when I saw the above post.

While I would assume most people would scroll by without reading, or read it and think, *wow how corny is that?* I, for one, really enjoyed this post for a multitude of reasons.

It’s no surprise that life cycles through phases of transformation and change. These cycles are inevitable and cannot be avoided. However, they can be extremely manageable and beneficial for our own personal lives and our outlook on the life ahead of us. Just as the seasons change, the seasons of our life are changing as a result of choices and decisions that we make on a daily basis.

While life is all about change, the seasons of life are temporary. Just as the raindrops that fall over our head, or the thunder booming outside, none of these events will last forever. These events are temporary in nature, just as the seasons of life are temporary from a psychological standpoint. While sometimes that is hard to understand, it is an important concept to grasp. What may be a negative event today will one day be considered old news. Negativity doesn’t last forever; there is always a positive flicker of light to walk toward at the end of the road.

When I look at the above poem, I look forward to the spring. On a personal level, this winter hasn’t been the greatest winter I’ve had. It hasn’t been the worst, but there have been some things going on that make me excited for the new chapter that will come once spring arrives. When it’s winter, I tend to stay in more due to horrible weather, hating being cold, and not wanting to pile on multiple layers when just having to do something so small as pump gas. Plus, the transition from winter to spring is one of my favorite ones. The grayness of winter transitioning into the pastel hues that scream spring, to me, there is nothing that can replace that feeling. Everything is brighter and lighter. People seem happier. There is a shift in the outlook of life when you can shed the winter layers and let yourself and your body breathe. The change in the air without a doubt brings a change in overall attitude. At least for me, that is.

If you look back at the above post, who doesn’t want to eliminate selfishness, indifference, gossip and grumbling? And who doesn’t want to add peace of mind, heart, and soul into their life? A life spent with family, friends, and each other is a life well spent. A life filled with love, faith, kindness and patience is a life that every person should want. And if you don’t want those things, why? What is preventing you from living your best, most inspiring life? What is preventing you from being timely, helping others, or being of service? What is stopping you from being your best you? We should all strive to live a fulfilling life, regardless of our beliefs or the seasons.

A change in seasons is something that we all could use. Whether you’ve had a rough week or a rough year, change will come your way. xoxo.

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