Technical difficulties?!

After two days of being unable to access this blog and nonstop chatting with support to fix the issue, I am back! One thing nobody tells you about running a blog is that sometimes these technical difficulties will happen; luckily it was well over a year before I experienced my first!

After all was said and done and I finally got myself logged into my site, about 15 minutes ago – to be exact, I found my scheduled blog posts to have disappeared which is both extremely frustrating and upsetting, as all the work I had done was gone in a flash. With that being said, today’s post, as I am sure you can tell, is basically my own major bitch fest about how technology sucks and I wish sometimes we didn’t live a life that is so technology-dependent.

Tomorrow is a new day, so make sure you check back for your regularly scheduled blog post! xoxo.

P.S. Did I mention tomorrow is a SNOW DAY?! No? Well, now I did!

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