Quarter life crisis?!

Yesterday, the above “meme” came up on my Facebook feed as I was aimlessly scrolling through while cozied up on my couch. It was weird to see this because, I kid you not, a couple hours earlier it hit me that *holy shit, I’m gonna be 25 in a week*, and I texted by boyfriend something along the lines of *why the heck am I so old?* wondering when my 21st birthday ever escaped me.

I feel like every young person, or maybe it was just me, feels like 25 is the age in which you should have your entire life laid out and put together and not feel like you’re sitting in a burning room wondering where the hell you go from here. Dramatic? Yes. But for real. . 17-18 year old me really, really, thought that by 25 I’d be sitting in my own house cozied on the couch with my husband, with my children and my dogs running around frantically, making a shit ton of money and loving every single second of my perfect life. I can remember thinking to myself that I wanted at least one kid by 25 so “I’m not an old mom.” [Really, someone go back in time and knock some sense into me]. So, when the realization of *holy shit, I’m gonna be 25 in a week* hit me, I did one of those nervous laughs where I didn’t know if I actually thought it was funny that I thought I’d have it all together, or I was trying to mask the fact that I was about to cry at the fact I don’t have any of these things.

With all joking aside, though, maybe you do have the “perfect life” you dreamed of at 17 by age 25. And if you do, I am in awe of you for getting your shit together and doing the damn thing. But the reality of it is, or at least for me, I am no where near where I want to be. And although I am not there, I am still happy.

Do I have my own house? Absolutely not.

Am I married? Girl, I’m not even engaged.

Do I have kids? Hell no, why did I ever think I’d want kids at this age.

Do I have a dog? Nope, but I have a fat little guinea pig. 

Am I rich, bathing in a tub full of money while my butler hands me glasses of champagne? No, but I am financially stable. 

Although the answers to these questions are totally not what I expected them to be one week out of 25 years old, they are the answers that I am happy with at this stage in my life. I am blessed with the life that I have and I am happy knowing that the path that I am creating is one that will lead me to achieving all of the above goals, just not right now. I don’t know why I continue to think 25 is old because, well, I have a good 70+ years ahead of me. I have time to figure it out. We all have time to figure it out. Just keep moving down your “perfect” path.

We’ll get there, together. xoxo.

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