Santa! I know him!! | Holiday 2017

I mean, is it really pre-Christmas week without an Elf reference?

But for real. We are exactly one week away from Christmas!

I always feel like the week leading up to Christmas is always the craziest. There are always last minute presents that have to be wrapped, baking to be done, and the work week feels like a complete drag. Houses need to be cleaned, organized, and set up to host what feels like a million people [at least with my family], and meals need to be prepared. Christmas music is played, snow is [hopefully] falling, and then you blink and. . bam, it’s Christmas morning. And then you blink once more and. . bam, it’s all over with.

I will fully admit that this year, I went a little too crazy when it comes to Christmas. Part of me feels as if it is because I was able to take on Christmas at my own pace. Years prior, working retail, I was in Christmas mode starting from mid-October when the holiday décor would start to be set up and sales would be set. By the time Christmas actually got here, I was basically over it, as I had been hearing “Holly Jolly Christmas” in my ear, on repeat, for over two months and, quite frankly, was ready to slam my head against a wall. Not so holly jolly, am I right?

This year, though, my excitement has been at an all time high. I didn’t hit my full Christmas mode until Black Friday when all of my shopping was completely done and it was time to wrap all these gifts while sipping on my Peppermint Mocha latte, listening to the holiday tunes I actually enjoyed hearing over and over. I had time to watch Christmas movies cozied on the couch at night, as my hours at work didn’t extend past, at the latest, 5:00pm. The added bonus of working a “real job” that pays “real money” helped too, as for the first time in forever, I feel as if everyone is getting the gifts they actually deserve or want, not just the ones that I could barely afford.

I have been staring at my abundantly large stack of Christmas gifts under “my” tree for what seems like forever and I have been waiting for decades to hand these gifts out. My parents, especially my mom, is no amateur when it comes to Christmas decorating so between our tree in the living room filled with gifts, our tree in the dining room filled with my gifts [*ahem* I went a little too crazy], and then on the flip side, Jon and my tree at the apartment filled with gifts, there’s enough holiday cheer to keep you on edge waiting for the big day to come.

With that being said, I hope everyone has a smooth sailing, stress-free, pre-Christmas week.

Keep on spreading the joy and love. xoxo.


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