10 out of 12, done!


Well, there we have it. My favorite month of the year has come and gone.

While apples did not get picked and pies did not get baked, this month was filled with a plethora of activities – so much so that I am actually unsure as to how it is already November 1st and we are almost done with 2017. Looking at our calendar, I am actually unsure as to how we did not drop dead from everything that got done this month.

Here’s a look into what was the crazy [and hot!] month of October:

  • Family weekend at the University of Akron the first weekend in October – anytime visiting with my brother is considered to be a highlight of the month
  • Certification classes, as per New York State
  • Passing teacher certification tests (yay!!)
  • Mid-term week coming to an end, filled with many projects and papers to boot
  • A weekend trip to wine country in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario for my anniversary with my boyfriend
  • Celebrating another year marked with my boyfriend (as mentioned above, but it was a major highlight so it gets another bullet)
  • Buying our first couch from IKEA and redecorating the living room of the apartment
  • Multiple Halloween parties and celebrations with great groups of friends turned family
  • Taking my guinea pig to the vet for the first time and having everybody love him, post his picture to the vet office Facebook, and follow him on Instagram
  • Trick or Treating with my students around the school and having my first Halloween celebration working in a school

What are some amazing things you’ve done this month? xoxo


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