Weekend recap?!


This past week has been jam-packed with school work and exhaustion ensuing from my job. It seemed to have flown by in the blink of an eye, though, because I had a hard time this morning believing it was already Monday.

Saturday, the majority of my day was spent in West Seneca at a certification training for my job promotion. Once those six hours were complete, I headed over to Allentown for their Fall Festival. This festival was held on Allen and Franklin Streets and was filled with live music, local artists, food, craft beers, hard ciders, and children’s activities. Lunch was had at Don Tequila paired with margaritas. The evening was spent at Bath and Body Works buying way too many $2.95 hand soaps and watching Will and Grace on Hulu.

I could not wait to finally sleep in Sunday morning. Granted, my “sleeping in” is really waking up at like 8:30/9:00ish, but still. Anything is better than my usual 5:00am. Sunday my boyfriend and I went to, not joking, basically every store in Buffalo. We went from the Lexington Co-Op to Whole Foods to Target to Best Buy to PetSmart to Wegmans to Dash’s and back home again. Through text, it seems as if the day was crazy busy, but it was really one of the most relaxing days I’ve had in a while.

Did anything really exciting happen to me this weekend? Other than the make your own peanut butter station at the Lexington Co-Op, not really. But, hey, it was a good one to be had.

How did you spend your weekend? xoxo.

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