To me, mothers are a special breed. Their love, support, and compassion are undying. They are strong. They are pure. They are yours forever.

There is something so special about a mom who believes in who you are and who has an unyielding love for her children. My mom is a mom of two children – two children who she has given both roots and wings. She pushes us to experience life and try new things, while always providing a place to lay our heads at night with open arms and an open heart.

My mom is, quite literally, one-of-a-kind. She extends her hand, her love, and her compassion to every single person that needs it. She never has a bad thing to say about anybody – she will find the good in every situation. She is kind, beautiful, and invested in the lives of her children. She has never missed a dance recital, a baton competition, a hockey game, a concert, or a banquet, just to name a few. There are not many moms out there like mine and I am so lucky that God chose me to have her. Although she is far more of a good person than I will probably ever be, the parts of myself that I got from my mom are basically intertwined in my DNA and are forever engrained in who I am.

I can only hope that it is in God’s plan for me to become a mom someday and experience this chapter of life that so many are blessed to be creating every single day. When my time will come, there is no doubt that I will have the best model to look back to for guidance and support.

I love you, mom. Happy Mother’s Day! xoxo.



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