New hair, who dis??

The two-day hiatus has been a result of work, homework, St. Patrick’s Day, etc. etc. I know that isn’t an excuse but stress got the absolute best of me and mentally I was all over the place. So hello everyone, hope all is well and you didn’t drink too many green beers yesterday.

Today, I woke up early to chop my hair. Literally. My hair is gone but I am obsessed. I already love how low maintenance this haircut is. And the fact that I can still wear my hair in a half-up topknot because as we all know, that’s my go-to. I haven’t really got used to the whole running-my-hands-through-my-nonexistent-hair thing yet (cue Kristen Stewart memes), but I love it. I had my hair cut like this for honestly most of my entire life up until college when I got too lazy to schedule/drive home for a haircut. So I just let it grow and grow and grow up until about a few months ago when I cut it a little shorter. And now, we are here.


My inspiration came from, none other than, Pinterest. Just some random photos that I had saved over the years. For anyone out there wanting to get a new haircut but is too afraid to try it, do it. It is only hair and it will always grow back! xoxo.

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