How super.

The last two days have been a whirlwind of crazy.

Yesterday was not only my dad’s birthday, but it was a big day for my brother. His varsity hockey team has made it to the championships on Sunday, so yesterday was “media day” followed by a skills competition, similar to the one they do for NHL All-Star Weekend.

He had a shot at talking to the press and meeting with former Buffalo Sabres star, Patrick Kaleta, followed by a meal at Chef’s and a shot in the competition.


The big game is on Sunday, followed by a trip to Long Island for States next weekend. So between getting everything done before my last day of work and going to class, I have been trying to cram all my homework and projects into the next few days to ensure that I don’t miss any of these final moments. Because of this, my blog has suffered.

Thankfully tonight I have had a little bit of down time and hopefully things will start to die down the next couple of days and I can be back into my normal routine. xoxo.


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