My current go-to playlist, 2.0


It has been over a month since I’ve given you a little tidbit into what I’ve been listening to, so I figured today’s the day for another go at it. If you catch me acting like a fool at a red light, it is most likely because I am listening to one of these songs.

  1. The Go! by Drive Like I Do. Old, pre-1975 is some of my favorite 1975. I can’t [and won’t ever] get enough of these guys. And if you totally adore this song, check out the live version, it is 1,000x better.
  2. Moving On and Getting Over by John Mayer. Who still isn’t over this whole new John Mayer album thing?! I certainly am not. I, for one, love, love, love this song. I am still swooning over the opening guitar montage extravaganza.
  3. The Lotto by Ingrid Michaelson. I love Ingrid Michaelson so much that it truly hurts. Every single one of her songs is catchy. Her voice is amazing. Her style is amazing. She is amazing. This is her most recent single and if you want to be put in a good mood, I suggest giving this one a listen.
  4. Find Me by Kings of Leon. I feel the same way about KOL as I do about John Mayer – I am still not over the release of their new album. Granted, John Mayer’s didn’t come as long ago, but still, I can’t stop. I’ve been listening religiously ever since the day it was released, and this is my favorite off the album. [Also, If you live in Buffalo, there’s a Groupon for $17 KOL tickets at Darien Lake so we should totally be friends and totally go!]
  5. Fake Love by Drake. At first, I tried really hard to hate this song, solely for the fact that it was released post-Rihanna breakup and I don’t want anyone hating on my girl. But, in true Drake fashion, I fell in love. Hard. I don’t even have to listen to this song in its’ entirety for it to be stuck in my head, that’s how catchy it is. He’s definitely one of the best.
  6. Shape of You by Ed Sheeran. Hellllllooooo, Ed. I shamelessly pretend that this song is being sung directly to me, for me. My inner fangirl is still living over the release of these singles, and clearly everyone else feels just the same because you can’t go anywhere without this song being on the radio. I don’t mind though.
  7. Hold Me Down by Halsey. I really hope that Halsey wins her first Grammy tonight, because this girl is so unbelievably talented. The entire album is constantly on repeat for me, with each song being as catchy as the next.
  8. Fool by Børns. Having this track as the final song on the album is a great way to end an all-around masterpiece. It is so catchy and will instantly put you in a great mood, and honestly, who doesn’t want that?!
  9. Night Shift by Of a Revolution. If you haven’t seen or heard of or listened to O.A.R., please do yourself a favor and do it. They put on a great show and release great songs that make you constantly think of summer. And who doesn’t want to think of summer during this dreary, cold winter?!
  10. Hopeless Opus by Imagine Dragons. Another feel good song [I know, I’m repetitive, but I’ve needed a little pick me up lately!]. I saw this song performed live and everyone in the arena sang in unison and it’s something I will never forget about every time I hear this song. It’s catchy, and really easy to get lost in when driving or stuck in traffic. xoxo.

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