Oatmeal, milk + honey.

Back in October, my boyfriend and I had taken a little weekend trip to Ellicottville, New York to celebrate our anniversary. Anyone who knows Ellicottville knows that it is the cutest little small town with some of the most gorgeous scenery. It’s typically a go-to for the winter, as they are a popular destination for the skiing and snowboarding communities, alike. I had never been in the fall before and was blown away by the beauty of nature around me. I mean, come on. Look at this view!


Anywho, the one day we took a walk around town, we wandered into one of the little boutique-y stores filled with antique goods, soaps, unique jewelry, and candles. Let me just put it out there now, we love candles. We are guilty of going crazy at Bath and Body Works’ $8 candle sale and have so many candles around the apartment that an outsider might think were a couple of pyromaniacs.

So, when we saw a wall of candles, we were in our own mini heaven. As we started exploring the different scents, the owner of the boutique gave us some background on how amazing these candles are! The brand is called Milkhouse Candle Company. They are a company originated in Iowa, who started making candles as a candle.jpghobby – they used canned jars purchased at local auctions! The candles are made from pure beeswax and natural soybeans that are grown right in Midwest America.The product itself is so cute – the smaller 5oz candles are canned in a cream jar, the 8oz candles are canned in a milk bottle, and the 16oz and 22oz candles are canned in a butter jar. The burn on these candles is soooo clean and the scents are to die for! We went with the 16oz Oatmeal, Milk & Honey and we love it. The entire apartment smells wonderful for days at a time!

I would highly recommend this brand of candles to anyone looking to make their entire house feel soothed and smell amazing. xoxo.

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