The highs + lows of insomnia. 

blue-cartoon-moon-night-favim-com-1176403Day 4 of this blog writing thing and, as you can see, I’ve changed it up a bit! Welcome to my new blog!!

This all came to me last night when I couldn’t sleep. For lord knows what reason, yesterday was one of those days that dragged on – I was tired, couldn’t wait to leave work and lay in bed, etc. Now that’s all fine and dandy until it came time for normal people to actually sleep and there I am..wide awake.

I sat there contemplating all of the different reasons as to why I could possibly be awake when I was so tired all day long. I hadn’t had a coffee since before work, didn’t consume loads of sugar before bed. I had no distractions, I was laying there in the pitch black mentally screaming to myself “whyyyyyyyy!”

So, instead of wasting away precious hours of my youth, I was up until 3AM *yawn* researching different/easy to use blog sites and then began creating this page! There are still some things I’d like to tweak, but for now I am so excited!! Who doesn’t love a lil’ pop of color or being able to see my shining face on screen?!

I have uploaded all of my previous posts onto this site so everything is in one place. To everyone who has been reading what I’ve had to say so far, thank you! I appreciate you and can’t wait to keep this thing going. xoxo.

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